Curriculum & Instruction

The Curriculum & Instruction Department at Rhodes School for the Performing Arts ensures that our students are being taught the same skills as their public-school peers. The department provides identifiable measurable results based on objectives to help determine student progress and academic achievement; keeps our students competitive when compared to others across the state; and ensures that our students can be successful in any educational setting, public or private.

Science Fair Winners

Northshore Campus

2nd & 3rd Grade

1st Place:   Camile Harris

2nd Place:  Jason Duncan

3rd Place: Johnathan Daniels

Northshore Campus

4th-6th Grade

1st Place:   Johanna Rivera

2nd Place: Skylar Mobley

3rd Place: Kaselyn Oseburne

Humble Campus

2nd & 3rd Grade

1st Place:  Chandler Bonton

2nd Place:  Ameer Lettley

3rd Place:  Blake Jordan

Humble Campus

4th – 8th Grade

1st Place: Davienne Holiday

2nd Place: Allayna Espindola

3rd Place: Jayden Fountain

Thank You!

A special thanks go to our esteemed judges and speakers for their hard work and dedication as they diligently combed through each and every project in an effort to select our very best! Also, thank you to all of our teachers and staff that aided our scholars’ efforts!

Jervale Phillips, MBA Vice President of Wells Fargo Strategic Capital

Karen Carter, MSRRT/RCP | Robbyn Pope, BS Biology | Leslie Coward, Ph.D, Education, University Houston | Karen Scott, MBA, Entrepreneur | Kim Hardison, RPH, Omni Care | Kim Rice, MS, Computer Science, Engineer, Shell | Coding with a Twist, LLC


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Directions for Accessing Student Test Results on

Four Steps

1. Visit at the button below.
2. Click “Lookup unique access code” and log in.
3. Review your child’s STAAR results and the personalized resources to support learning at home.
4. At the beginning of the school year, discuss the test results with your child’s teacher and work together to support your child’s learning.

Curriculum & Instruction Department

Northshore Campus
13334 Wallisville Road
Houston, TX 77049
281-319-9300 ext. 220

Shanitra Winslow, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Kenitra Bennett-Edwards,
Curriculum & Instruction Support Specialist

NaTasha Henderson, Asstistant Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Mariah Shelton, STEAM Coordinator

13334 Wallisville Rd.
Houston, TX 77049
(281) 458-4334

13334 Wallisville Rd.
Houston, TX 77049
(281) 459-9797

600 Charles Street
Humble, TX 77338
(281) 319-9300

Charles Russell, M. Ed, President
Michelle Harris, M. Ed, Member
Chrishelle Palay, Member
Derrick Sherrard, Member