Curriculum & Instruction

The Curriculum & Instruction Department at Rhodes School for the Performing Arts ensures that our students are being taught the same skills as their public-school peers. The department provides identifiable measurable results based on objectives to help determine student progress and academic achievement; keeps our students competitive when compared to others across the state; and ensures that our students can be successful in any educational setting, public or private.

STAAR Testing

May 5th-13th

  • Thursday, May 5th: 5th & 8th STAAR Science
  • Friday, May 6th: 5th & 8th STAAR Science Make-Ups
  • Tuesday, May 10th: 3rd – 8th STAAR Math
  • Wednesday, May 11th: 3rd – 8th STAAR Reading
  • Thursday, May 12th: 8th STAAR Social Studies & 3rd – 8th Math, & Reading Make-Ups
  • Friday, May 13th: 3rd – 8th STAAR Make-Ups

Campuses are closed on STAAR Testing Days. Please refrain from visiting campus.

STAAR Mock Testing

April 5th-8th

  • Tuesday, April 5th: 3rd – 8th STAAR Mock Math
  • Wednesday, April 6th: 3rd – 8th STAAR Mock Reading
  • Thursday, April 7th: 5th & 8th STAAR Mock Science 
  • Friday, April 8th: 8th STAAR Mock Social Studies & Make-Ups

Science Fair Winners

A special thanks go to our esteemed judges from Black Girls Engineer & Modern Day Hidden Figure, Sharon McDougle for their hard work and dedication as they diligently combed through each and every project in an effort to select our very best! Also, thank you to all of our teachers and staff that aided our scholars’ efforts in making this our best year yet!

Northshore Campus

1st Place: Azuree Ajiodo

2nd Place: Aziah Aijodo

3rd Place: Za’Kari Loudd

Honorable Mentions: Riley Morris & Riley Clemmons

Humble Campus

1st Place: Genesis Garcia

2nd Place: Tatum Jackon

3rd Place: Micah Young

Runners Up: Mason Tennant, Harlem Franklin, & Adam Daniels

Inventor’s Row: Skii Taylor, Avrelia Justice, & James Offord



Curriculum & Instruction Department

Northshore Campus
13334 Wallisville Road
Houston, TX 77049
281-319-9300 ext. 220

Shanitra Winslow, Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Shenitra Davis,
District RtI/Science Coordinator

NaTasha Henderson, Asstistant Director of Curriculum & Instruction

Jennifer Grant,
New Teacher Mentor/GATE Coordinator


Administrative Building:
13334 Wallisville Rd.
Houston, TX 77049
(281) 458-4334

Northshore Campus
13334 Wallisville Rd.
Houston, TX 77049
(281) 459-9797

Humble Campus
600 Charles Street
Humble, TX 77338
(281) 319-9300

Linda Sherrard, M. Ed, President
Brittany Hill, Member
Michelle Harris, Member
Chrishelle Palay, Member
Charles Russell, Member