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    Benefits of Teaching at a Charter School
    Benefits of Teaching at a Charter School

    Charter schools are fast becoming popular among parents, students, and even educators. This is due to their flexible school curriculum, warm teaching environment, and smaller class sizes. It is not difficult to see why so many parents are choosing charter schools over other educational choices. Teaching at charter schools can be rewarding for teachers looking […]

    importance of performing arts in education
    Why is Performing Arts Important in Education?

    The importance of performing arts in education cannot be overemphasized, but it is usually overlooked. A lot of focus is placed on the STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) framework despite the many benefits of performing arts in schools. It has been proven that people involved in performing arts are able to engage the mind, […]

    Differences between Charter and Public Schools - Rhodes School - blog
    Five Differences between Charter and Public Schools

    Choosing a school for your child could be daunting. Why? Because finding the right fit for your child in terms of education is of utmost importance. Schools with goals that align with yours are always the best choice to make, especially when those goals ensure your child/children’s future is secure. Charter schools are gaining popularity […]

    Advantages of Charter Schools - Rhodes School - blog
    Seven Advantages of Charter Schools

    Charter schools exist as autonomous educational sources for public funded schools in a community. These schools are developed through taxes and can be created by a group of parents, teachers, or the community. Some of these schools are owned by private organizations, while others are non-profit.  These schools must follow charter policies as established by […]

    Setting the Stage for Excellence in Academics

    RSPA’s Annual College and Career Week & Convention Humble, TX— March 20, 2019 — For the past 10 years Rhodes School for the Performing Arts (RSPA) has hosted their annual College and Career Convention during their College and Career Week in March. “RSPA Scholars are setting the stage for a bright future,” said Terrell Hutchinson, […]

    Michelle Bonton on Leadership & Living a Purpose-Driven Life

    Rhodes School for the Performing Arts is proud to feature Founder and Superintendent Michelle Bonton in this month’s blog article. As a Houston middle-schooler, Michelle Bonton knew she would one day start a school of her own. She couldn’t have known that the path to founding RSPA in 2007 would include having three wonderful children, […]

    what is a magnet school vs. public school?
    What Is a Magnet School in Texas? – Are They Public?

    Magnet schools have been a unique educational option for years now, but many parents have questions about what makes a school a magnet school, what types of magnet schools are available in their area, and what magnet school admissions requirements are. Do magnet schools have tuition costs? Are magnet schools better? Many of the answers […]