The Rhodes School

The Rhodes School is a fine arts, magnet charter school that prepares students for lifelong success by providing a classical, arts based instructional program that is rigorous, relevant, and which consistently meets or exceeds state and national standards.

BECAUSE YOUR CHILD DESERVES IT!  The vision is accomplished through the imparting of knowledge, the development of understanding, and the exercise of wisdom that leads to scholarship, leadership, citizenship, and character in our students.


My daughter has been at the Rhodes School since 1st grade. She is now in 4th grade and I am satisfied with the sacrifices I have made to make sure she is Crew and not Passenger! The school as a whole has done an outstanding job throughout the years. My daughter has been blessed to have opportunities that a lot of children may not have in a lifetime. I strongly belive that if there were more schools like TRS, the world would be a better place! ~ Ms. Castrillon

My son is eager to go to school every day and is retaining what is being taught! The positive energy I get from the teachers, filters through to my son and really encourages me to get involved and become a supportive and active participant in all The Rhodes School is offering. Hats off to the great work of the principal, administrators, and teachers! Our children deserve it. ~Yolanda A. Redding  

Last night we were reading and he decided to take the lead and he read the entire book to me by himself. While reading he encountered a few words that he was not familiar with and instead of asking what the word was, he sounded them out. How cool is that? I don’t think I need to say I was OOOBBBEEEERR Excited that he has progressed so fast. ~Monique Soungie

One of the best schools I have known ... excellent in everything ... my kids have really learned a lot. ~Norma Trujillo


Robert E. Lee Campus
12822 Robert E. Lee
Houston TX, 77044
(281) 458-4334
Tidwell Campus
12818 Tidwell Road
Houston TX, 77044
(281) 459-9797
Southeast Campus
5874 Bellfort Street
Houston TX, 77033
(832) 962-8181

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